I'm pretty sure my husband will cough up a lung if I bring home a pair of $150 dollar sandles. And other things I should be embarrassed to admit.

Random Musings...

  • So what if my new obsession is a pair of $150.00 sandles?  Oh MY!  They are monogrammed and customized - two of my favorite words.  Seriously?  I have unbelievable obsession with my initials, my kids initials, it doesn't matter.  If it's monogrammed then I'm probably going to gravitate to it.   And anything that has the perception of custom?  I could fodder on and on but you know what?  I just like to feel like I am special.  And apparently narcissistic - so let's leave it with that.
  • And pee on the seat when you go to the ladies room at work?  An open letter to all women:  I KNOW that you were told as a youngster that you can catch an STD from drips on the seat but you know what?  It's totally not true.  So, PLEASE sit on the seat and pee.  And, if you just have to pee from basically a standing position, please just wipe.  It's really not that difficult.  Really.
  • My children are sucking me dry of money.  Over the next few weeks their father and I will be paying for new clothes to go on the school out of town trip, registration fee for colorguard (it's 200 bucks and it's a DEPOSIT??  This frightens me.), and last but not least, registration for cheerleading.   So just a word of advice to those who have small children....it's not the baby years that are the most expensive it's the teen years.  Just sayin'.
  • Finally, dear Mozilla that I love so dear.  Thanks a lot (NOT) for stopping development work on Windows Fennec.  You have no idea how this upsets me so given that I was forced into this crappy window based HTC.  I should have gone Android, I know.  I love your add-ons and the weave concept but alas, I now have nothing to weave to now. 
  • Twitter - you have no idea how much I miss you.  I wish that things like work, and cleaning the house didn't interfere with my ability to come and join you.  Maybe someday soon though.  Maybe someday soon.
xoxo, sober mommy