....And We Have A High School Kid

In our family last week marked the 'official' start to back to school activities - you know the drill - haircuts were scheduled, dentist appointments occurred, school supplies began to be gathered - you get the point.

I realized during this that, as of this year, our family would have a high schooler. Where did the time go? It seems like just yesterday that I was sitting in the passenger seat of my car when my soon to be step son walked out of his mom's house and got in - gangly limbs and all.

It literally just seems like yesterday, but it's not.

So in preparation of this momentous event (e.g. said son being in high school) I thought I would take a moment and write down several truths that his father and I will be conveying to him:

1) Everything you do now begins to count. Remember those days of slacking off, not really caring about the actual grade you got because you knew you knew the material? GONE. You have some high expectations of yourself for where you want to go for college - expectations that require you to do your best so DO IT.
2) Stay away from girls that seem like they might be a little high maintenance. While this might seem a little dramatic in the beginning, trust us that no girl is worth it in the long run - no matter how hot they are. Date them once, twice, three times but don't get involved with them.
3) When you are asked what you want for your birthday or Christmas please don't say 'whatever' because you might be disappointed - as you were this last year - it's better to be exact, including specifications, at this point.
4) You will not be getting a car when you turn 16. There is no surprise coming your way. Choose a more realistic gift or risk # 3 happening.
5) We realize that you will probably want to experiment - please always keep in mind that when you do adult things you therefore accept adult responsibilities.
6) Stay a kid as long as possible - don't be in a rush to grow up. You'll be an adult for the rest of your life. Trust your father and I when we tell you that it's not that much fun.
7) Prom night is not the night to suddenly become stupid. You've been warned.
8) When your friends date girls and those relationships end don't take the seconds. There are plenty of fish in the sea - its a big world - go out and enjoy.
9) We do not believe in boy/girl sleepovers so don't ask to have one and don't ask to go to one.

and finally...

10) There is nothing, and I mean nothing, that your father and I haven't already done or considered doing so don't even bother trying to be 'original'. Remember when you were little and we knew exactly what you had done? We still know. We have our ways.
xoxo, sober mommy


Sober Mommy said...

Wow, my son is only 9, but I am so going to save this for him. I love it!

Sober Mommy said...

These are great points to teach him. I think the one thing that I wish I had while in high school was communication. high school is such a time of secrecy (or at least it was for me) that if I had open communication I believe things would have been better. Keep communication open. I know you will because you are that awesome. You're great to your kids.

Sober Mommy said...

what a GREAT post I was gigglin all the way through...I have said this and more many times

Sober Mommy said...


Sober Mommy said...

I really loved this post. I don't have kids even close to high school age, but I hope that when I do I am as insightful as you were in this post.

Sober Mommy said...

Hey a mommy blogger with teens! yay!

My son is about to be 17 and girl child starting high school this fall - I would double and re-shout your thoughts. Totally agree!!!! Yeah - it all counts from here on out.

Just gotta get them to see it.

Happy thoughts to you and good luck!

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