Summer Vacation

Summer Vacation Countdown? 3 Days


The big girls are away this week at grandmas. They are having a wonderful time. So wonderful that they will be totally spoiled by the time we pick them up in Florida. I have to say that my parents have been so good to us. They’ve always helped out – always stood behind me – even when I wasn’t so lovable.

That said, they do drive me crazy sometimes.

But moving on…

Vacation. I don’t anticipate being able to get much sleep, although I will try. I don’t anticipate being able to do everything that the kids want, although I will try. I DID buy myself a bathing suit and the experience was frightening. Frightening enough that it has ‘whipped’ into the desire to lose weight.

I’m down to one donut in the morning instead of two.
Baby steps folks, baby steps.
xoxo, sober mommy


Patty mcmommy said...

I just wanna say "Hi", I am a fellow mommy of 3 (not all girls though, but they are the majority here!) and I will follow your new blog. Thanks for writing from your heart!

Sober Mommy said...

You just make me laugh!!!!

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