Confessions Of An Firefox Add-On Aficionado

Before I start can I just say???

I started out with the phrase Confessions Of A Firefox Add-On Whore but, that seemed a little overzealous so I decided Aficionado instead but I had to check the spelling of it because you know what? Aficionado doesn't look like it's spelled right. I'm pretty sure that it is but, if it's not please excuse and just know that I tried a couple of different words and those didn't look or sound right either. Whore, while it seemed like the best word, also isn't a PG13 word - except maybe in this case. So, in the end I went with Aficionado even though it doesn't seem like it's the right spelling. Sue me. No, don't. Because honestly, I don't have anything except my house and it's mortgaged to the hilt - so really, it wouldn't be worth your time. Honestly.

Moving On...

There have been confessions abounding around the blogosphere lately.
In the light of full transparency, here is mine.

I am a Firefox Add-On Aficionado.
(Stop here if you are using any browser other than Firefox - the rest of this post won't make any sense and honestly, you need to do some serious considering of why you *aren't* using Firefox. This is true unless you are a totally cool MAC user which means that you CAN'T use Firefox because Steve Jobs doesn't allow you to use any other product than ones Apple makes. For anything (except maybe Office but I think that's just because Apple knows it's a totally superior product and the application development costs associated with it would never quite produce the offset to the cost). I'm not quite sure though that I'm right about this because the only Apple product that I own is my iPhone and I can't download Firefox onto it so thus my conclusion this holds true for all Apple products. But then again, I'm no MAC expert because I use a *PC*.)

I love them.

How much? Every week (okay, maybe it's every few days) I find myself wandering out to the Firefox site and pursing through the latest add-ons. Usually I find myself reading through the summaries and wondering one of two things:

  • How is this different than any of the other bazillion add-ons that do exactly the same thing? OR
  • DAYMN, I want to try that out.

It's like new car fever. Only different. Why? Because when you have new car fever and succumb you are left with a payment you can't afford which totally sucks unless you are Donald Trump - which, I guess if you were, you wouldn't have a payment and thus the suck would be not really be an issue. With add-ons there is no cost and, if you don't like them or think they suck you just delete them and restart Firefox. Add-ons provide instant gratification or disappointment - important for someone with my personality considerations. I have a kind of like example but this is a PG site I'll let you just 'go there' on your own.

So, without further ado here is my list of my FAVORITE add-ons of all time:

Feedly. Ever tried it? Ever wanted a TOTALLY cool blog reader? Do you like Google Reader but desire that pretty interface? Well, Feedly is the answer. Totally customizable and totally totally cool. In fact, I love it so much that I regularly Twitter @feedly and tell them how much I love them. Yes, I'm geek like that. Apparently you can twitter them now at @ilovefeedly. I'm pretty sure it's because I kept Twittering how much I loved them but I can't verify that for sure. I'm going with it though because it makes me feel all loved inside. (If you doubt that they created the @ilovefeedly twitter ID just because of me go and search - you'll find my latest twitter to them half way down the page.)

Feedly is really my only true favorite but I feel obligated to have more than one given the bazillions that are out there. I'm pretty sure these others have NO IDEA that I use them (unlike Feedly) so my love them is somewhat diminished but here goes:

Wisestamp. Allows you to create a cool email signature. I really want to figure out how to use the template that lets you also add a picture to your signature but I haven't figured it out quite yet. I admit though that I've not spent that much time - it probably isn't that hard.

AdBlock. I probably should have this above Wisestamp in favorites but I'm too lazy to rearrange my post but it does do the job of allowing you to ignore ads. Or at least I think it does because I don't remember seeing many ads.

Personas. Well, just because I like to make things pretty and it allows you to change the look of your browser.

So, there you have it. My current favorites. Do you have favorites? What are they?


xoxo, sober mommy


Sober Mommy said...

I am such an add-on moron (I'm pretty sure that I spelled that correctly!) that I ddin't even know about any of these! I like Greader, which lets me comment on posts from my reader.

Oh and I do have Firefox on the Mac. I'm pretty sure it's because Steve Jobs really likes me and made an exception for me.

Sober Mommy said...

I came to leave a comment just so you'd stop using gah's name in vain, but I see someone beat me to it.

I need to look into the Firefox add-ons. I use Firefox but not any add-ons.

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