How I learned that Ben Has Game

Edited to add: This is actually a series of really awful commercials. As my thrilling afternoon as moved on towards complete boredom I've learned that Ben is doing this for a chance to be on a TEAM of somewhat cooler but still kinda nerdy frisbee football (or golf or whatever...) players. Yea BEN!

Yeah, this is how I planned to spend my Saturday afternoon.

I had this totally awesome post thought through for today and you know what?
I've totally ditched it for the following review of the commercial I just saw for USA Network.

It's about some nerd named Ben who wants to play what is guess is frisbee football (or maybe it was golf - I don't know what you call it) and how he gets his game on. It's got to be a scripted commercial because honestly? Who WANTS to play frisbee golf or football anyway? Anywoo, Ben and gets a very pretty girl to show him how to play. Cause you know? Ben's got GAME! I have no idea how this ties into USA Network but though.

Is it because he's gotta, you know, 'get into' the character? No idea.
You know, USA Network, Characters Welcome.

Anyway, Ben is apparently so nerdy (if his choice of outfit didn't give it away his VOICE certainly did) that he needs assistance in learning how to hold the frisbee, how to change his holds to allow for different spins/distances, and finally, how to 'block' cause you know what? Frisbee football or golf or whatever it is has offense.....AND defense. I also learned that there were specific ways to hold the frisbee to allow for a better aerodynamic glide through the air. WTH???

Seriously, I thought when you wanted to play frisbee you did the following:
  • Find frisbee
  • Make sure frisbee wasn't dented or warped
  • Find someone to play with
  • Go outside
  • Throw frisbee back and forth

Apparently not.

This was the point of the commercial - wasn't it?
No? I guess I didn't get it.

But I did get this. Ben is a nerd but he sure did have some game.
xoxo, sober mommy


PrincessJenn said...

I was going to write that anything involving a Frisbee also needs to involve alcohol, but I guess that's wholly inappropriate on a Sober Mom's blog ;-)

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