Project 40 Update


Project 40 (or in my case is it 42? Heck it could be 43 for all I know. I stopped counting birthdays years ago.). I bet you thought I had forgotten all about it.

I had.
Sort of.

As a reminder of what my goals were for Project 40 they were:

1. Find three people 'in real life' that I count as friends.
2. Take a trip with only my husband and myself - even if it's just a weekend.
3. Create and decorate my daughters nursery.
4. Work with a nutritionist to develop healthy eating habits and then DO IT.
5. Volunteer at the rehab center that finally helped me face my demons.
6. Help someone face their demons.
7. Work towards having my daughters a week on and a week off rather than Wednesday through Sunday.
8. Educate myself on current political/current events and be able to discuss.
9. Learn to knit more than just a scarf - a sweater perhaps.
10. Host two dinner parties for new friends.

Looking back on this list a month later I'm surprised to find that I do have a few updates.
So, without further ado...

Work continues on decorating my daughters nursery. I *have* discussed in depth the need to move the children into other rooms and my husband did not stop and ask what planet I was on. He's agreed to move two of the four - and that will have to do. One daughter won't be happy but sometimes, well, you don't get what you want. She will be getting however...what she needs....ahhaahaha baby... (Be happy you aren't actually here while I am typing and singing this - it's not pretty).

So, step 1 gain consensus on moving children around. Check.
Moving on to step 2 - choosing new room decorations for teenager.

Houston? We have a problem.

Why? Well, lets start with paint color. She wants orange. I say no. She wants bright pink. Again, I say no.
We have however agreed on aqua. And Brown. Very trendy - I hope it stays that way for a while.
So, where does that leave us again? Color - Check. Bedding - Check. Wanna see what I've found that I'm going to be talking her into getting?

Yes, Pottery Barn Teen I *might* be borrowing your photo but it's for a good cause, really!

We'll see.

Oh! And I did make progress on #4 although it I did it completely unintentionally. I have been complaining for months now about my weight and finally had the 'big physical' where I talked at length with the doctor about how I felt, my weight, my weight, and then again, my weight. I was sort of hoping that she would magically pull some sort of pill or something out of her rear and *poof* I could take it and magically get skinny (you know, kinda like Alli ((which, as an aside I always want to call ALL LEE rather than AL I..but I digress)) but without the anal leakage ((oh, and another aside - don't you know that the makers of Alli are **thrilled** that the biggest claim to fame that they have is that the product can cause you to need depends??)) or something like that).

But getting back to my accidental movement on #4....
Let's just cut to the chase here - discussion on my weight (and more about my weight and then yet more) generated me a referral to the nutritionist which is currently scheduled for mid September.

I'm hoping that I've given her enough time to come up with some sort of magical pill or something like that because you know what?
Giving up those Dunkin Donuts is gonna be in a pain in the ass.
AND, it's gonna put me in a really bad mood.

So, I've made movement on two.
So far, so good.

xoxo, sober mommy


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