10 Honest Things About Me

Obviously I am little late in accepting my first !MEME!

1) My baby, Anna Grace, was my only successful pregnancy. I had a few miscarriages along the way though. My other two girls, Samantha and Sydney were adopted at birth.
2) I have been sober (or trying) for almost 5 years now.
3) It took several rehab visits to make it stick and be successful. Those are really expensive as an FYI.
4) During my final stint in rehab I was also diagnosed with Bi-Polar Disorder. The meds I take for this along with my husband’s support saved my life…literally.
5) I would love to try and have another baby, but alas, that is not to happen.
6) As much as I complain about my job I really do like it.
7) I don’t like my boss being a clock watcher however I do I really wish I could Twitter while working (note: I am well aware this might be an oxymoron).
8) I’m scared about going to Blogher 2010. I really want to go but I’m afraid of everyone drinking (which they have every right to do) and my either feeling left out or worse yet, feeling a lot of temptation.
9) I hate to go to any type of therapist. I went for almost a year after I got sober and finally came to the realization that I simply had no more to talk about. I also hate AA – I’ve gone many, many times and always wanting a vodka tonic or a glass of chardonnay (which completely defeats the purpose).
10) Ooh, a fun one (since my others have been…blah, blah, blah – alcohol, alcohol, alcohol). When I was young I was the nanny for Charles Colson’s (yes, the hatchet man in Watergate) grandchildren and got to stay with them at their house in Florida. It was the best summer of my life.

Those are mine- how about you??
xoxo, sober mommy