Zhu Zhu Pets & A MindFlex Game

Oh yes, the Christmas season is in full swing. It's *only* November 20th for Pete's sake. How do I know? I present the following discussion:

Me: "What do you want for Christmas this year?"
Sydney: A Zhu Zhu Pet and a Mindflex game. Without hesitation.

Not knowing what either one was I went off (like a good 'let me get you whatever you say because I have no idea what in the world to get you' mom does) and Googled them. Just in case you haven't yet heard of either toy (which would be shocking to me seeing how they are constantly discussed around here). Here is what I found:

Zhu Zhu Pet: Fake Hamsters - they do what hamsters do, but without mom having to feed and water them or clean up after them. They also don't die after two months because, well, hamsters just do. I would show a pic but they look just like a hamster. Only bigger and with a windup on it's bottom (I guess - I have yet seen one).

MindFlex: This otherwise simple game requires to wear a headset full of sensors, measuring the user's brainwave activity, which then turns into energy. The aim of the game is to concentrate hard enough to generate energy to power a fan, which in turn causes a ball to levitate and move through a series of hoops. (www.softpedia.com). My first thought was that it was surely something that would land in the garbage after 2-3 tries but after watching a demonstration it sorta seems like a good family game.

That said, finding both or either of these toys ranks right up with there with find a four leaf clover. I *might* be able to find them but only if I spend every waking moment searching for one. One the flip side I might go to the store one day and find 50. I'm pretty sure it's the first but I'm hoping it's the second. So far I've been to Toys R Us 4 times - 4 times over my vacation I might add - and have yet to find either toy. Oh wait, last Friday they did have a Mindflex shipment but there were only 3 and those were gobbled up by the women who ran past me when the doors opened.

See if I be a nice guy next time.
I'm about ready to rip either toy out of someone's hands.
xoxo, sober mommy