Because Clearly I Am Losing My Mind

I mean seriously? How do you top off a post about that nut known as Tila Tequila *which, just in case you are wondering what it does to your stats let me just say that a whole lot of people are searching for TT crazy stories these days*.

I titled this post 'Because Clearly I Am Losing My Mind' because that is the only explanation I can use because of late I cannot remember anything for the life of me.  ! I mean nothing. Phone numbers - gone in < 60 seconds. I cannot even remember a telephone number after I JUST LISTENED to the message! A couple of weeks ago I forgot that I drove to work and got on the train to go home. Luckily I only made it one stop before I had to turn around and go back. Let's just say that put total suckage into my anticipated early arrival home.

And finally the one that makes my heart skip a beat and my stomach turn - I lost my iPhone. I know, I know, it's just a phone but I loved that little piece of hardware. I loved the app store, I loved the cute little icons, I loved the clear pictures and nice graphics.

Don't pretend you guys don't have the same fetish because I KNOW YOU.

So now I'm back to writing things down and carrying sticky notes like I'm a kindergartener and the teacher has to pin a note to my shirt that says, "I ride bus 7000". I always thought that was kinda cute but you
know what? It's not so cute for a 42 year old.

AND I have to get a new phone.
A cheap phone.
One that possibly won't even have - gasp here - internet access.
xoxo, sober mommy