BlogHer At Home - 2009

This year I'm not going to Blogher and I am SO bummed.
Next year though!

But, for this year, I'm hanging with the other mommies who either decided that the cost was just too much, decided to go too late and couldn't get a ticket, or were afraid they would have a massive panic attack in the lobby of the hotel thereby shaming them into a life of no social media. 

For me, it was a combination of numbers one and two.  And maybe a little of number three.

Luckily for me some truly *awesome* mommy bloggers have solved some of my feelings of inadequecy over the weekend.
This weekend there are multiple at home, virtual, meetups however I am attending two.

The first is the one that is marked by the button on the left side of my blog.  Princess Jenn and Nic from My Bottles Up have done an outstanding job setting up, organizing, and promoting the event.  There are some *awesome* giveaways.  I would tell you to over to the site (you can get there by clicking the Blogher At Home button on the sidebar) and enter them but...oh okay, I will.  Go ahead, click the link and enter the giveaways - but you better NOT win that netbook cause baby that thing (in pink) IS MINE!

The second is called BlogHop '09.  It's also an *awesome* virtual party run by *awesome* mommy bloggers.  Like Blogher At Home, this party will also have giveaways.  Please do take a moment to stop at poke around, introduce yourself, and signup to join us as we 'hop' from blog to blog and meet new friends.  Blogher if you will, in jammies.

So, if you are inclined, join the groups for either of the parties.  You can also follow the gals as we move around this weekend on twitter at @blogherathome @bloghop!
Hope to see you there!

xoxo, sober mommy


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