Fighting For MY Preemie

On December 26, 2007 Tony and I became the proud parents of Anna Grace. I would love to say that the day I found out about my pregnancy I was thrilled.

That would not be the truth.

I already HAD children. In fact, I had two girls - both adopted at birth. I had never gone through the feelings of loss associated with not having a biological child. I was happy with the way that my family was created. I had, truthfully, moved on from the idea of babies and certainly of pregnancy.

Months went by.

Then in November of 2007 I went to the perinatologist and was told to go sit in the waiting room and have a seat, we are getting you a room.

I wasn't prepared. I was only 29 weeks and 5 days.
Having a NICU consult when you are that gestation isn't a fun experience. Talking about survival rates, hospitalization timelines, long term implications while sitting in the labor and delivery room. Not memories I cherish.

We were lucky.
Others are not.

When I was contacted by @MoDBev on twitter to help promote the Fight For Preemies event it was an easy sell. Tony & I are direct recipients of MoD services.

On November 17th there will be a Bloggers Unite Event to raise awareness. It's called Fight For Preemies. You can see too that there is also a *badge* that you can add to your blog. All YOU have to do is signup for the event, add the badge, and write your post on November 17th.

It's pretty easy actually.

What the March of Dimes does?
It's pretty hard.

Please take a moment to consider taking the pledge and dedicating your post that day towards preemie awareness. Please consider helping to raise knowledge of the event through adding the badge to your blog. Please take a moment to write a tweet or two (or fifty) to help others learn of the event.

The goal is 500 bloggers.
This should be a piece of cake.

You can find the pledge and badge at:

xoxo, sober mommy