You're Fighting For What? Exactly???

Last weekend we had a lot of fighting going on.

We had fighting about laptops.
We had fighting about having to put away our clothes.
We had fighting about having the clean up our!own!room!.
We had fighting about having to eat a meal - what was in it? Prepared how?

But then at other times I look around and I realize that it's just too much and I get mad at myself. I get mad that I've let them get to the point where their point of reference of life is so completely out of touch with reality for some.

Do they realize that they are living a better life than a lot of children?
Do they realize how lucky they are that these are the things they have to 'fight' out?

Don't misunderstand, I AM glad that these are the things that my children have to worry and fight over. I AM happy that they don't have to fight about where their meal is going to come from next, where they are going to sleep, or when they are going to have clean clothes. And I do realize that all of this is age appropriate behavior.

But still.

These laptops their father gave them - those puppies are driving me crazy.
xoxo, sober mommy