I'm On Vacation....Sorta

I'm on vacation this week with hubby. Actually my vacation started on Saturday but, as usual, this is the first time I've been *ahem* allowed time enough to post....so, without further ado I'll catch you up on what, I'm sure, will be the most rockin vacation evah! (And why yes, I am aware that the previous sentence has no sentence structure at all - apparently I've gone on vacation from that as well.)

Saturday: Went to the Georgia/Tennessee Tech game and took the baby.... As usual hubby did not wish to have his picture taken and scattered quickly once we arrived at the stadium but the baby wasn't so lucky and was *forced* to allow mommy to take pictures. (Pic to come for Wordless Wednesday)

Sunday: Toyed with going to church but in the end decided that sleeping would be much more useful. We *must* jump back on that bandwagon, and soon. The remainder of the day was spent doing.nothing which is my husband's favorite activity on vacation.

Monday: *Did*Not*Go*To*Work*!!!!! We did however go to the dermatologist to see if we could get that nasty thing cut out of his back and was, usual, told that this would take multiple appointments. As would be expected I am ...ahem...somewhat annoyed by this multiple doctor appointment need. Clue: When someone calls to say they want something CUT OUT and goes to the level of explaining that their husband works nights and needs it all done within one week - PLEASE listen and take the time to schedule the appointments to have that happen. PLEASE?

But I digress.

We also went to Lowes, only the best 'dirty' ((so named by first daughter)) store evev, and bought two new lamps and a new doorbell. Note: these items are now in the car and will most likely remain there for a while. I think I can handle the lamps but the doorbell? I'm pretty sure not. Also, do you think that it would shock hubby when he wires it up if I press the doorbell button? Anyone want to know? I sorta do.

Okay that catches you up to this point.

So, Tuesday begins and guess what?
*It's*Raining*Again* here in Georgia.

I'm glad *I* don't have to go to the dentist and the eye doctor today....
xoxo, sober mommy