How To NOT Work All Day

**NOTE: This is a work of fiction.
***NOTE: In the interest of anyone actually entertaining any actual *thought* that I don' know...WORK.

In my 20403034 years of working I've determined that sometimes at WORK you have to give yourself a little time out. That's right, a time OUT. Otherwise you can find yourself explaining why you rolled your eyes while others were talking but weren't actually **saying** anything. Not that this happens to me. Well, it does but who's counting?

For me my time out involves trolling the interwebs. Where I work though there are APPROPRIATE and INAPPROPRIATE websites and those deemed "Inappropriate For Business Use" are of course all the fun ones so I'm forced to be more resourceful in my trolling. In all honesty though it would be so much easier to just allow Facebook at the office. I mean, unless you're addicted to Farmville or whatever it is. Then it probably wouldn't be. I guess that's why I don't run the office for appropriate vs. inappropriate.


When one enters into a NOT SAFE website you get an error. These errors instill fear in everyone. Needless to say, I go out of my way to avoid such encounters.

Until today.

Today I was over at and somehow wandered onto a link to a post titled: Being Bipolar Got Me Screwed...A Lot. Words cannot even fathom how fast I clicked that link. Of course I completely discarded the fact that it indicated it had been written for a s*x column. Of course I totally ignored the fact that I was **at work** and not **at home** where each of my keystrokes aren't being monitored. Of course.


Not that I would look at anything like that at work.

Of course.

xoxo, sober mommy