Being In South Sucks Right Now....A lot

I was on vacation last week.
And I went to Band Camp.  And to my knowledge it wasn't like the movie.

It was hot.  And sticky.  And sweaty. 

I am so  proud of my daughter.  The temperature was well over 95 for several days and with the humidity it felt like....I don't know what it felt like.  Let's just say it was sticky, sweaty and hot and I know - beyond a shadow of any doubt I would have quit - I couldn't have handled being in the sun.  Sitting under the tent was bad enough. 

I also met an inspirational woman last week.  *J* is 35 and was diagnosed with breast cancer about a year ago.  She's gone through surgery and chemo.  She's lucky though - she's  made it through to the other side.  And with perky new boobs.  That seems like the least that God could do for her since she also gained 20 pounds while going through chemo.  I told her that was SO not fair in so many ways.  Gain weight and have cancer?  Not cool God.  Not cool at all. 

This week I'm at work and my daughter is still at camp.  For 12 hours a day.  I'm really not too sure what they do for 12 hours a day but I guess it super important because apparently they are entertained.

Still's hot, and sticky, and sweaty.

This weekend I also took the girls school shopping.  I think that, along with putting zoloft into every divorcing woman's coffee each day to allow for that blissful "I don't care what is happening around me because life is...mellow", school shopping is also best done sedated.  If sedated you don't want to scream at them "For GODSAKE find SOMETHING that you like!".  Instead you would be completely and utterly blissful in their lack of finding something as you go from store, to store, to store.

In the hot, sticky, and sweaty south.
These are the times I wished I lived in Canada.
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xoxo, sober mommy


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