Why My Children Are Destined To Be In Therapy


Today I'm joining Anna over at ABDPBT with List Monday.  I found Anna the way most of us find blogs to follow, you latch onto a certain blog and then, much like a spider, you fan out to see what that person reads and volia! Your blog list just grew by 20.

I'm not quite sure that 'spider' is a complement however 'stalking' sounds much less appealing.

Anyway, getting back to the task at hand, one of the things that Anna's blog has is snarky.  Lots and lots of snark.  Which makes me laugh.  And I like.  And I desperately need at this point.

Why I'm Destined To Have Children In Therapy

1.  I don't cater to their every need.  Sometimes they just need to learn to suck it up and move on.  I consider this a good lesson towards getting along at work someday because honestly?  They call it work because hello...it's not called vacation.

2.  I expect them to help out with their siblings.  No, I don't expect them to mother them but I do expect that they will look out for each other.  Apparently in today's society that equates to being a family, which is an outdated concept.

3.  I let them suffer their own conquences.  (Okay, I'm working on this but I'm totally adding it because it sucks.)  Forget an assignment for the 3rd time this semester?  Well, you get to work out an agreeable solution with your teacher.  And no, it cannot mean you get a zero. 

4.  I will embarrass them if at all possible when they are annoying me.  Wanna be snarky and ugly towards me?  Well, I'll wait until a time when you are just riding along in the car thinking everything is going great and wham!  I'll open the windows and start singing old Journey songs.

If you haven't read ABDPBT take a look and if you look hard enough you'll figure out what it means.  :)
xoxo, sober mommy


Laura said...

I think Anna is great too! She has an interesting voice and her posts are entertaining and thought provoking. Glad to see you're back writing. Be gentle with yourself. (p.s. This heat totally sucks and I'm all the way up north in KY!)

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