OMG - A Post, A Post, A Post - And My Thoughts On Lindsay Lohan

Boy, that was a while, wasn't it?
No time no blog, right?

Life here is still going swimmingly.  I've only thought about drinking about a hundred thousand times in the last few weeks.  I'm in serious need of structure and accountability.

Amanda, meet your accountability partner, BLOG.  Your relationship with BLOG is only as good as your effort put in.  BLOG cannot write posts for you nor can she follow you each day to remind you. 

Moving on....

Lindsay Lohan.  What do I think about this?  I think that, unfortunately, it's time for her to pay the price for dodging responsiblities.  I read on some website that Lindsay didn't really think that the whole 'jail' thing would happen - that her lawyer would 'take care of it' - in other words, she was paying for someone to handle it and by god, it should be handled.  Her old lawyer and her parents weren't doing her any favors.  Somewhere along the way I truly think her lawyer knew this but was hoping that she would eventually wise up and get with the program. 

Unfortunately no.

The sentence handed down by the judge was just in my opinion.  In order for her to serve any meaningful time in jail (remember last time she was in for a grand total of 84 minutes) it would take the sentence imposed.  Requiring rehab *after* jail only helps to ensure that she will actually be through the majority of the detox so that maybe the help she will get will have some chance of being meaningful. 

Being a mom I would be terrifed if she was my child.  I would do whatever it takes to get her help.  I realize too that I would have to fight the feelings of enabling her to make her happy and perhaps dead versus being a hard ass thus being an enabler to make her happy AND alive.  It's just sad that choosing option 2 is just *so* hard sometimes.  On paper it looks obvious - but oh, I imagine it's the most difficult thing you would ever do.
xoxo, sober mommy