Well, that was an airhead moment....

I'm participating in Girl Talk Thursday because baby, I did a dumb, dumb thing at work yesterday.

The day started out the way days do now days when your doing the work of two people instead of one.  Meetings, meeting, training, meeting, meeting and of course my *favorite* of all - let's all gather our status and discuss!  Yea me!!  I was tired.  I was rundown and most of all, I was starving by the time 4:00 rolled around.  Silly me had scheduled a call for 4 that should take no more than 30 minutes but of course took a good 10 to get started.  *And* in a just amazing show of intelligence I scheduled another for 4:30.  I worked with my client watching the computer clock as the minutes went by.  4:15, 4:20, 4:25.  Frustrated I sent an email to my 4:30 and rescheduled.

FINALLY we got what we were working on to work.  I had made the changes needed and then, with apparently no thought, opened email, attached the document, and hit SEND.

Needless to say I almost crapped in the floor at that moment.  Instead I just put my head down and hyperventilated.  I had sent something that shouldn't be sent.  QUICKLY I hit the recall and delete message and by a miracle it worked.

Or at least I think it did.
Question now?  Do I call and say, "hey, did I send something to you yesterday that was X client accidently?'  Or just leave it alone?  I'm choosing leave it alone, crossing my fingers, and hoping for the best. 

Yep.  Brilliant I know.  Sometimes my 14 yr old looks at me like she's wondering how I get up in the morning and get myself to work.

I think she may have a point. 

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xoxo, sober mommy


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