Back To Work

The title says it all.

Tomorrow, is back to work day.

Strangely, although I'm not 'thrilled' I am ready. I'm ready to get back to being an adult with adult conversations. I can probably do without the adult drama though.

The past week has been the first week of vacation that I've taken with my family in over 5 years. We had a blast - or at least I did - who knows with teenagers? It was so much fun to go to the beach and pool with my girls and to joke around with my stepson. For the record? My step son is one of the coolest kids I know - he's such a gentleman and he's so much like his father - he's going to be such an awesome husband and father someday. It was fun to make memories with them. I'll never forget that I taught all of them that "It Doesn't Matter If You're Black Or White" IS REALLY a song - not just my attempt at humor at Michael Jackson dying. (Has it not been enough time yet Internet for that joke? Come on - you gotta start sometime!)

In reading some other mommy bloggers this weekend I was reminded again of how fast our children grow up - it seems like yesterday that I was bringing home my oldest daughter and just this morning since hubby and I brought home the baby but it's not. I remember when the girls were little thinking that time took forever sometimes when they were grumpy and every day seemed like it was the same (and actually it WAS). Funny though, it's hard to tell exactly when that changed. When did every day being the same warp into school clothes shopping, getting haircuts and highlights, and friends coming left and right.

Time, it passes so quickly. I hope you are enjoying yours because I am enjoying mine!
xoxo, sober mommy


Sober Mommy said...

I often wish time could slow down, but it goes even faster with a toddler around. Thanks a lot for stopping by and commenting!

Sober Mommy said...

oh man i was just in your shoes a few months ago. i hated going back to work though. i hope your 1st day back goes well today :)

Sober Mommy said...

Glad you had a great time on vacation! My first visit to your blog, found you thru the SITSterhood website!

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