Sunday - Blow By Blow

Don't have teens or preteens yet.
A view inside:

7:30 - Awake - not by choice. Thank goodness for the extra 30 minutes.
8:30 - Give up slumber option. Tired of being wallowed on for the past hour.
8:40 - Make sure all children are awake for church.
9:10 - Inspect what has been chosen for church attire - remind 10 year old AGAIN that it's winter.
9:11 - Argue with 10 yr old that there is no choice in changing clothes.
9:12 - Yell at 10 yr old to go upstairs - feel bad since it is, after all, SUNDAY.
9:15 - Inspect 13 yr old's choice. Find that it's jeans and.....a tee shirt (long sleeve though - BONUS).
9:16 - Debate in mind whether or not this is something that I want to argue about.
9:16:30 - Decide no.
9:17 - Get in truck and go to church.

Bliss for one hour. I need it.

10:30 - Begin to look for 13 yr old. WHY does she always disappear into the flowing masses?
10:45 - Find 13 yr old.
11:00 - Go to brunch. I'm so not cooking today.
12:00 - Grocery store adventure. Not fun.
12:50 - Home. Begin to put baby down for nap.

Bliss for one hour.
Or not.

1:25 - Find baby sitting up in bed. With my hat on her head. It looks something like this:
Oh yeah, it's adorable. It's just interrupting MY TIME.
1:35 - Try and get baby back to sleep.
1:36 - Give up.
2:00 - Take yr old to the mall.
2:02 - Fork out 20.00 - repeat to self: "She's gonna have to get a job. She's gonna have to get a job".
2:10 - Bake cookies, clean house, do some laundry.
4:30 - Pick up daughter from mall.
4:40 - Sit waiting for 13 yr old to re dress to go to Piano recital.
4:45 - Tell 10 yr old for the 10th time today, "Yes, you have to go and no, I don't care how boring it is for you."
5:45 - Exhausted from listening to piano, be happy to be going home.

The rest of the night is spent feeding children, checking backpacks, flogging teens to put away their clothes and pick some out for tomorrow.

Until 13 yr old determines that the gym clothes, which I asked about Friday, really ARE dirty.

10:00 - Go to bed.

Decide I wouldn't have it any other way.
xoxo, sober mommy