Project 40 Update

Seeing as how Laura is going gangbusters over on Who Moved My Groove, I feel like I'm behind - although I AM ON VACATION Laura! (LOL)

So, not to be outdone (because really what good co dependent narcissist would allow THAT?) I decided to take a look at my dream store, Pottery Barn Kids, to see if I could find anything that I thought would be an 'ideal' for my goal number 3 - Decorate baby's nursery.

The nursery? Spring Daisy - complete with cute kid photos so carefully matted and framed. We can ditch the changing table because hopefully God will rain down joy on me soon and my baby will decide to potty train before, I don't know, age 3? Since I'm living in the land of dreams I would add a matching dresser. Finally, the room would be a gentle, yet, beautiful green color with a beautiful, yet tasteful and age unlimiting mural of flowers, grass, and bumblebees dancing across the wall. (Why yes, Virginia I DO believe in Santa Claus!)

Good news? I already have all the bedding. Bad news? The painting. My husband will.not.paint. Period. End of subject - forever. Of course, like everything else there is also additional backstory of why this seemingly 'easy' task has become complex and ridiculously complex.

Without further a do - the backstory.
When we moved into our house we told the kids: "go and find your bedrooms" which, in case you ever have a new house and a metric ton of children I can tell you, emphatically, DO NOT DO. Why? Because logic doesn't help them decide...oh no, room color does - EVEN if you tell them that all rooms are being painted. End result: the biggest kid got the smallest room...because it was blue. At the time, no baby, it was annoying but we went with it. Now, well it's a problem for two reason 1) she needs more room and 2) I need the smallest bedroom for a nursery.

After much, much discussion I've convinced her to move into the 'ugly' purple room (which finally only occurred when I 'promised' to paint it either bright blue or bright orange - yeah - that'll be happening). This would mean that her sister would then move to right into the current office/nursery and the baby would get the smallest room.


Yes, in my mind. In hubs mind, not so much. He's not excited, AT ALL, about the idea of moving all the kids from room to room. I haven't gotten him past the 'no' yet - but I'm still working on it (and this week of baby sleeping with us is DEFINITELY helping).

Backstory done - whew, that was long! Why can't anything be easy in this house?

So, my internets friends - does anyone have on their list to move around a bunch of furniture, paint rooms, and create cutesy murals? No, I didn't think so.
xoxo, sober mommy


Anonymous said...

I love Pottery Barn Kids - I have a few things for the kidlets, but she is pricey. My husband also hates the thought of moving furniture and painting, so I just use reverse psychology and offers of good lovin' (that's what he calls it - not me). Happy to report my entire house has been painted!!!
Maria @BOREDmommy

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